Convergence Medical Technology Center

In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, there has been an infinite competition in the medical industry, where we have to make income in a variety of fields, including research, IT, big data, and 3D imaging. The purpose of this center is to establish a cooperative system of research and industrialization at all times, to activate research and development, and to make it easier to use research radiology equipment.

Health IT Core Business image

Health IT Core Business

  • Health IT industrialization support center (HAPTIC)
  • Mobile Health care corporatization support center
  • Provide SW, u-Health & medical information big-data service
  • Development of Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) based on Artificial intelligence
  • All-round technical support (combination with development company, advisory agency, user), New
  • serviceplatform to respond to market demand
  • Provide SW development service based on bio-signal and web survey
Customized Diagnosis, Medical Device Core Business image

Customized Diagnosis, Medical Device Core Business

  • Body-friendly 3D Printing product development
  • Development of POC diagnosis device based on biochip
  • Development of medical device using new biomaterial
  • Development of mobile medical device
  • Developed optical, molecular imaging medical device