Dong eun Medical Museum

Anatomy of the origin and development of Korean modern science!

‘Dongeun (東隱)’ is the name of Mr. Kim Choong-sik (金忠植), who donated a large scholarship fund to Severance Medical University in 1947. The Dongeun Medical Museum, which opened in 1975, was created as part of this fund. Since then, in 2000, it reopened as the Dongeun Medical Museum, Yonsei University College of Medicine, and has reached today.

Dongeun Medical Museum celebrated the 130th anniversary of Yonsei University in 2015, and on April 10th, the permanent exhibition room was newly renovated under the theme of “The Footsteps of Korean Modern Medicine”. In this exhibition, the process of the establishment of Jejungwon by Allen in 1885, starting from the late Joseon scholar Yi Ik (李瀷), who introduced Western medicine to Korea, followed the stage of acceptance of Western medicine in Korea in the mid to late 19th century. And medical books.

Afterwards, while Avison took over the responsibility of Jejungwon, the operation rights were transferred to the US Northern Presbyterian, and the process of being reborn as the “newly built Jejungwon” Severance Hospital can be seen vividly through the relics. You can see how Severance Hospital is the center of the Mission Hospital and leading the Korean medical community from the Japanese colonial period to the Yonsei joint prevalence. The Dongeun Medical Museum prepared a way to examine “the footsteps of modern Korean medicine” from the late Joseon Dynasty until 1957 when Yonsei University was jointly created as Yonsei Medical Center.