Scholarship & Grants


Full or partial scholarships are available for medical students from various sources. Any student who wishes to obtain a scholarship should submit an application to the Office for Student Affairs no later than the announced final date prior to the beginning of each semester.
All scholarship candidates must be recommended to the Dean for approval by the Student Scholarship Committee of the Medical College, which reviews the need in each case for granting scholarship.

Some scholarships are given as outright grants for outstanding scholastic achievement, while others are available for students with above average achievement who need scholarship assistance.


We operate about 50 types of systems and about 50 types of systems.

Scholarship organization chart
  1. scholarship
    • on-campus scholarship
    • off-campus scholarship
    • tuition
    • domestic and foreign school expenses
    • gwanghye scholarship foundation (medical school reunion)
    • external scholarship (country, group, individual)

Student's research grants

The college has provided a sum of 8,000,000 in research grants for student research in the aim of fostering student research since 1972. In 2000, the College intended to provide a total of ₩7,310,000 for 5 research projects.