Prize and Awards

  • Dong Ho Award in Pathology is awarded to a student for outstanding performance in Pathology.
    It has been provided a sum of $5,000.00 by Professor Bong Hak Hyun since 1972.
  • Se Wha Award in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is presented to a student for excellence in Biochemistry and Molecular biology. This award is funded by Dr. Bong Ho Kim and Professor Yoon Soo Kim since 1974.
  • Myung Sun Kim Award in Physiology is a competitive award for a student with an outstanding academic achievement in physiology. The fund was donated by Dr. Thomas P. K. Lim, a former professor of Physiology, in 1979.
  • Kung-Sun Oh Award in Dermatology has been awarded to a student for excellence In Dermatology in honor of Dr. Kung-Sun Oh since 1979.
  • Tai-Sun Shin Award in Histology and Neuroanatomy has been awarded to a students for excellence in memory of late Professor Tai-Sun Shin who dedicated his body to students for dissection since 2001.