Goals of Medical Education

Mission and Vision


With the love of God, free humankind from disease and suffering


YUCM will strive to become the most reliable medical institution by respecting patients and providing quality care through high-tech services, specialization, and cooperation with other medical institutions.

YUCM will work to become a leading research institution in medical technology by creating new research fields in the spirit of exploration and cooperation.

YUCM will dedicate itself to become the institution offering the most diverse and humane medical education.

Following in the footsteps of Allen, Avison, and Severance, YUCM is committed to medical missions through evangelism and acts of love and concern for others, particularly the neediest with the least access to medical care.

 In order to achieve these goals, we wish to become mature and responsible specialists, leaders who are open to new ideas, and accomplished practitioners. We are committed to making the Yonsei University Health System a place where creativity and warmth thrive in an environment of mutual respect and cooperation.

Goals of medical education

YUCM’s educational goals are to nurture visionary leaders who will draw upon their professional training in medicine and related fields to contribute to the nation and humankind in the Christian spirit. Toward this purpose, students should seek

For themselves :

  • The highest professional ethical standards based on the spirit of love and service
  • Basic knowledge and skills in their respective specialties
  • The ability to become lifelong learners, researchers, and self-evaluators

For the nation and humankind :

  • An inquiring spirit to contribute to the advancement of medicine
  • An international outlook and flexible attitude toward understanding and solving concerns domestic and international welfare
  • Leadership qualities based on mutual understanding, respect, and cooperation