Visiting Clerkships


Introduction of Visiting Clerkship Program(VCP)

Yonsei University is dedicated to educate future leaders of our society in the spirit of Christianity, fostering a strong and lasting commitment to the principles of truth and freedom.
Yonsei University College of Medicine offers an elective program for medical students in clinical years from around the world as part of its global education curriculum strategy.


If you have questions about the application requirements or process, please send a single email to If you send multiple emails, your email might be automatically sorted out as junk mail. Your email will be responded to in a timely manner.
We do not accept phone calls in regard to the application procedures.

Application Procedure

Conditions and responsibilities

  • Student must be enrolled in a medical college or a medical graduate school located outside Korea that is approved by the Minister of Health and Welfare.
  • Student must be a medical student in clinical years who accomplished prerequisite core clerkships in their home institution; must be in their final or penultimate year of study.
    • 4-year curriculum : junior or above
    • 6-year curriculum : Fourth year or above
  • Lower grade students (Freshmen, sophomores) are NOT eligible for VCP.
  • Students whose major is not related to clinical fields are NOT eligible for VCP.
  • Students with the purpose of research are NOT eligible for VCP.
  • Students cannot apply for VCP via the department they wish to attend, as departments may not be aware of their student quota which includes our own students and other electives.
  • All correspondence about electives must be made directly between the students and the Electives Coordinator. A third party cannot involve in the application process.
  • Students must be proficient in English or Korean (spoken and written).

Clerkship Period

  • The clerkship period is 2 weeks per department and you may apply for up to 2 clinical departments (or divisions) maximum, which adds up to 4 weeks in total at the most.

Application Period

Applications are accepted ONLY during the period below:

  • Application Period for VCP starting in September ~ December
    January 1 ~ January 31
  • Application Period for VCP starting in March ~ June (following year)
    July 1 ~ July 31

※ VCP is not available in January & February, July & August.

※ Students from partner universities have separate application periods. Please email for further details.

※ There is a limit to the number of students who can participate in the clerkship per month.

Mandatory Documents

  • Application Form(downlaod)
  • Immunization Form (downlaod)
  • Dean’s Letter (in English or with a certified translation)
  • Certificate of Enrollment (letter of good standing, in English or with a certified translation)
  • Copy of Passport

Applications missing any of the documents above are NOT considered.

Please submit your application AFTER all your documents are ready.

Application Procedure

  • Application Submission :
    Applications missing any of the documents above are NOT considered.
    Applications submitted outside the fixed period will NOT be considered.
  • Notice of Result :
    The result of the application is subject to the clinical department's approval.
    Applicants who are approved will be notified via e-mail.
    We do not answer emails that ask about their approval result.
    If there is no availability in the department, applications may be denied.
  • Elective Fee payment :
    Payment must be made 2 weeks prior to your starting date.
    The clerkship will be cancelled unless you pay the elective fee by due date.

    ※ Please refer to the instructions on the ‘Elective fee’ menu.

  • Notice of your first day’s schedule
    You will be informed via email when and where to come 2-3 days prior to your clerkship.
    Please bring your proof of payment on the first day. It can be either a receipt (scan, photo, or a PDF) or a screenshot from your online bank.
  • Clerkship Begins

Elective Fee

Elective Fee

The elective fee below applies to the students scheduled to start the clerkship as of September 1, 2020

Elective Fee Table, Total posting period (1 week : from Monday to Friday), Elective Fee (KRW 250,000/week) informational 
Total posting period
(1 week : from Monday to Friday)
Elective Fee
(KRW 250,000/week)
2 weeks 500,000
3 weeks 750,000
4 weeks 1,000,000

The elective program is generally from Monday to Friday unless required by the department that you have been placed to.

Payment Method

You must pay the elective fee 2 weeks prior to the starting date of your clerkship. Otherwise, the clerkship will be cancelled.

Payment Method: Elective fees are payable only via International banking remittance in Korean Won(KRW)

  • Bank name : Woori Bank, Yonsei Branch (우리은행)
  • Bank account number : 001 121 012 61000
  • Swift Code : HVBKKRSEXXX
  • Name of receiving account holder : Yonsei University Health System (연세의료원)
  • Bank Address: 50, Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, 03722, Rep. of KOREA

※ We generally do not grant refunds if you cancel your placement unless the reasons for cancellation are regarded exceptional. If the payment is not the right amount of elective fee due to the currency conversion rate, you are required to pay the balance.


Preparation (What to Bring)

  • White Coat (Please note that students should wear their own white coats during the clerkship)
  • Copy of remittance receipt of elective fee
  • Photograph (2.5cm * 3.0cm)
  • Health / Medical insurance
  • Please refer to the map & direction page of the Yonsei website :