General Dentistry

Department of Advanced General Dentistry (DAGD)


The department of Advanced General Dentistry, consisted of 30 faculty & staffs, has opened on March of 2006 to improve the quality of life of patients and solve the problem of taking too much time for the comprehensive dental care covering diagnosis and establishments of a suitable treatment plan.Patients visiting the department of Advanced General Dentistry for the first time can be provided with overall diagnosis and general dental treatment in a faster and more convenient manner. If more accurate examination and diagnosis are needed, patients can be referred to specialized departments for a specific field so that more cooperative and efficient dental treatment can be made. We always put the needs of patients as the top priority and make every effort for the safest and most effective treatment.


Faculty in the department of Advanced General Dentistry has a full range of clinical experiences including treatment of emergency and medically compromised patients. Faculty in DAGD serves as a significant human resource affecting on clinical, theoretical and technological developments in oral health care.

  • Kim, Kee-Deog / Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Director, Professor / Ph.D.(Yonsei Univeristy, 1997) / Dental management of the medically compromised patient, 3-dimentional image & reformatted image analysis, PACS & EMR /
  • Park, Wonse / Associate Professor / Ph.D.(Yonsei University, 2013) (Dental management of the medically compromised patient, Third Molar Management, Anti-resorptive agent related osteonecrosis of the jaw, Oral minor surgery , conscious sedation, teledentistry)
  • Jung, Bock Young / Clinical Associate Professor / Ph.D (Yonsei University 1999) / Implant prosthodontics, Esthetic prosthodontics, Geriatric dentistry, removable prosthodontics
  • Pang, Nan Sim / Clinical Assistant Professor / M.S.(Yonsei University 2005) / General dentistry, Conservative dentistry, Endodontics
  • Lee, Kang Hee / Clinical Research Assistant Professor/D.D.S.(Yonsei University, 2008)/ General dentistry, Dental management of the medically compromised patient, Digital dentistry
  • Park, Hye Jeong / Clinical Fellow /M.S.(Yonsei University, 2013)/ Dental management of the medically compromised patient, Extraction of third molar, Oral minor surgery