Dean's Message

Dean of Yonsei University College of Dentistry
			Kee-Joon Lee, D.D.S., Ph.D.

The First & the Best

Yonsei University College of Dentistry Makes the 
History of ‘the First’ and Cradles ‘the Best’ 
Creative Leaders in the Dentistry

The origin of the Yonsei University College of Dentistry (YUCD) dates back to the year 1915, when American missionary dentist Dr. William J Scheifley established the first dental clinic at Severance Hospital during the colonial period, as the first dental education institution in Korea. The introduction of the modern dentistry in Korea was thus initiated. Severance Dental Center was built in 1930 as the largest and the most advanced dental hospital with new facility and equipment, and played a pivotal role in the dental education in Korea. The YUCD had the first graduates in 1974 and ever since marked the history of ‘the firsts’ in various areas, such as the establishment of the first Predoctoral Student Clinic in Korea in 1986, the establishment of the first Continuing Education Center for providing continuous and systematic education for dental professionals in 1993. In addition, the YUCD has installed digital PACS system in the Dental Hospital in 2004, becoming the leading institution in the clinical education and research using digital technologies.

Furthermore, the YUCD strives to enhance its international status by implementing preliminary accreditation consultation visit (PACV) and international accreditation site visit by Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) of American Dental Association (ADA) in 2014. In addition, the YUCD has celebrated ‘100 Years of Dentistry in Yonsei’ in 2015 and proudly positioned itself as a world-renowned and global leading university in the field of dental education and research. Consequently, the YUCD is advancing toward the next 100 years of dentistry, thanks to not only faculty members who have devoted their careers to providing the highest quality education, but also YUCD students and alumni who love alma mater.

Training talented and qualified dentists
 with a strong ethical awareness based on a sense of calling and responsibility

The main slogan of YUCD ‘Creative minds and benevolent medical care with the spirit of God’ reflects the educational goal of the cultivating dentists with not only the professional ability as the dental specialists but also desirable personality to perform patient-oriented dental care, and eventually aims to contribute to the promotion of the oral health of mankind. For the fulfillment of those goals, the YUCD emphasizes the cultivation of proper personality for the dental profession at every step of education as well as the clinical competency in the application of the principles for ethical decision making. The YUCD also strives to foster talented dentists through various educational and clinical programs such as providing various dental treatment for the socially weak or alienated patients in the community.

Continuous changes and digitalization in YUCD education system
In response to the rapidly changing era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the YUCD continues to promote changes in dental education. Various digital educational systems such as e-portfolio to allow monitoring of the self-fulfillment of the education program. In order to enhance clinical education in digital dentistry, the YUCD is equipped with the latest digital devices required for student’s patient care. Consequently, the YUCD graduates will become the leaders of the most up-to-date clinical trends.

Conducting national research projects to strengthen research capacity
Along with the dedication of many faculty members, the YUCD keeps itself updated with the latest research trends in dentistry by conducting various research projects supported by National Research Foundation of Korea. The three main ongoing research projects include BK21 (Brain Korea 21) 4 Project, MRC (Medical Research Center), and Bio & Medical Technology Development Program. It is expected that these research results will make a positive and great contribution as the basis for leading the trends in clinical dentistry for public oral health.

Promotion of global standards to be a global leader in clinical dentistry
Continuing Education Center of YUCD provides clinical education to dentists around the world as well as domestic dentists. Consequently, YUCD hosts various clinical programs every year, including Yonsei International Mini-residency for Advanced Orthodontics attracting outstanding international dentists from many different countries.
Moreover, the YUCD has been preparing for the CODA accreditation standards in such as curriculum reforming to improve the quality of lectures (didactic) and practice courses, developing and raising faculty and student competency levels, and providing and updating educational environment and research facilities. The YUCD will move forward as a leading educational institution that develops not only domestically but also globally.

The YUCD has a 107-year history of providing high-quality dental education. This is the result of the efforts made in unison by all members of the YUCD, including faculty and alumni, students and their parents, staff, and patients and their family. History is made by us all and belongs to us all. It is upon us to decide how our future looks like.

Let’s continue to make history together!

Dean of Yonsei University College of 

Kee-Joon Lee, D.D.S., Ph.D.