Mentoring program

The Yonsei University College of Dentistry has instituted a mentoring system to provide close and individual attention to student’s career path decisions, academic and personal issues.

  • Faculty advisors:
    The students are assigned a faculty advisor upon entering the Yonsei University College of Dentistry to provide guidance and counseling on personal issues, academic matters and professional career paths. The faculty advisor meets with individual students/groups of students and keeps on record an assessment of the students from the meeting.
  • Academic advisors for dental class:
    The Academic Advisor in charge of each class is assigned by the dean to help resolve personal problems that may occur while the students are in school, and to promote a good relationship between the faculty and the students.
  • Faculty counselor:
    When the students need individual counseling, the individuals may seek counseling or be referred to a faculty counselor by the faculty advisor. Two faculty members, Dr. Y. J. Yoo and Dr. J. A. Kim, are the counselors in residence.
  • When the counselor determines that the student needs more further expert counseling, the student is referred to the Yonsei University Student Counseling Center. If the student requires medical treatment, the student is referred to the Department of Psychiatry, Severance Hospital.