Scholarship & Grants

There are various scholarships for students with excellent academic excellence and difficult family circumstances,Payments are made according to the scholarship selection criteria of the Student Guidance Committee.

Full or partial scholarships are available for medical students from various sources. Any student who wishes to obtain a scholarship should submit an application to the Office for Student Affairs no later than the announced final date prior to the beginning of each semester.
All scholarship candidates must be recommended to the Dean for approval by the Student Scholarship Committee of the Medical College, which reviews the need in each case for granting scholarship.

Some scholarships are given as outright grants for outstanding scholastic achievement, while others are available for students with above average achievement who need scholarship assistance.



Students at Yonsei University College of Dentistry who have shown excellent character and one of more of the following:

  • Unable to pay school payments because of the poverty
  • Children of school(Yonsei Univ.) faculty
  • An individual or the child of an individual on the Veteran Support program

Period and Required Documents

  • Application period :
    • December 15 - January 15 for the 1st semester
    • June 15 - July 15 for the 2nd semester
  • Required documents
    • One copy of the application form and required documents
    • An individual or the child of an individual on the Veteran Support program must register (only for the first application)

Regulations & Guidelines of Selection

The school's Scholarship Committee selects among the applicants, if it should not make special appointments, with regard to the following factors :

  • Principally, one who has an average record over 70%.
  • Take the applicant s economic problems into deep consideration.
  • Take the attending days at the Chapel classes into consideration.
  • Keep equilibrium in the number of the scholarship receivers between each grade level.

Part time job scholarships

  • The applicant must be recommended by the professor in charge and should inscribe the hoped-for jobs.
  • Those who have applied for the regular scholarship can apply for the part-time job scholarships also.

Amount of Scholarship

Amount of Scholarship at the Yonsei University College of Dentistry is established upon the decision of the Scholarship Committee every semester.

Student's research grants


Student Research Funding is provided to promote student research interests and provide research funds to students while in predoctoral dental program at the YUCD.

Applying for research funding

  • Only the currently enrolled YUCD predoctoral students are eligible to apply.
  • After the completion of a funded research project, the student may apply for funding for another research project.
  • A research proposal, signed by a faculty research supervisor, must be submitted attached to an application for funding.
  • Only a tenured YUCD faculty may serve as a student research supervisor and may not direct more than one student research project at the same time.
  • An application form for research funding must accompany the following items:
    • Title of research project
    • Estimated length of research
    • Research protocol (motivation, objectives, methods, references)
    • Itemized research budget
    • Name of the faculty research supervisor
    • Principal investigator and collaborators

Length of research

The length of a research project shall be limited to one year during which principal investigator must be enrolled in predoctoral dental program as a full time student.

Review of research protocol

The submitted application will be reviewed by Student Counseling Committee (hereafter, referred to as the committee) to ascertain its originality and creative approach to research. The committee’s selection will be approved by the dean.

Changes to research protocol

Any changes to an approved research protocol require a committee’s approval.

Distribution of research fund

  • Research fund shall be used strictly adhering to the budget items initially approved by the committee.
  • After fund had been expended, appropriate paper work must be filed.

Completion of the research project

  • When the research project is completed, a technical report must be submitted to the committee.
  • After completion of the research project, students are required to present their finding at a scholarly conference within a year.
  • If the project is not completed within the estimated time frame, a written report explaining the reason should be submitted to the committee. The committee may grant a six-month extension.
  • If the project could not be completed at the end of the six-month extension period, the entire research fund must be reimbursed to the school.