Goals of Dental Education

mission and vision


In the spirit of God, creativity leading compassionate dentistry to serve humanity.


The YUCD and YUDH will strive to achieve the following: Quality education, Cutting-edge research, Premier patient care, Leading serving community.

  • Quality Education: A premier institution where dedicated, creative-minded dental professionals are being trained for globalized, diverse educational opportunities and in-depth clinical training combined with research capability.
  • Cutting-edge Research: A leading institution where advances in dental sciences and technology are vigorously pursued for training promising dental researchers.
  • Premier Patient Care: A patient-oriented dental clinic, filled with caring and compassionate spirit.
  • Leader in Serving Community: A caring and devoted institution to our community to reaffirm an identity as a dental missionary institution.

Goals of Dental Education

Goal 1.1. Globalization of educational environment.

  • Certification of the YUCD by an international accreditation association.
  • Expand the international externship program.
  • Publish student research papers in leading international journals.
  • Emphasis on English language during the pre-dental course.

Goal 1.2. Provide diverse educational programs.

  • Incorporate basic scientific knowledge into clinical science in dental education.
  • Develop a program to achieve professional ethics.
  • Implement mentoring programs.
  • Prepare the students to pursue lifelong learning.

Goal 1.3. In-depth clinical training.

  • Standardization of clinical protocols and evaluation methods.
  • Provide quality clinical training.
  • Revamp case requirements for clinical competency.

Goal 1.4. Promote student research capabilities.

  • Boost student group research activities.
  • Increase research funding for student projects.
  • Require students to make public presentation of their research findings.

Goal 2.1. Establish the YUCD as an internationally recognized research institution.

  • Identify and push forward promising research projects.
  • Promote high impact research output.
  • Maximize synergistic effect between scientific research and clinical applications.

Goal 2.2. Create a leading dental science research environment in Korea.

  • Organize functional research units.
  • Expand and functionally reorganize laboratories for research activities.
  • Increase the number of top-notch researchers and auxiliary support staff.
  • Establish a research support system.

Goal 2.3. Train promising dental researchers.

  • Reorganize the graduate program according to global trends.
  • Expand the pool of dental researchers and establish a clinician-scientist program.
  • Require graduate students to submit a research paper to an international journal.

Goal 2.4. Promote international cooperation and inter-institutional collaboration in research endeavors.

  • Establish a system dedicated to global academic communications
  • Launch research projects jointly with industries.
  • Encourage and support inter-institution research collaboration.

Goal 3.1. Top-notch clinicians and leading-edge dental facilities.

  • Provide the best patient care and outstanding clinical research
  • Create a forefront dental clinic.
  • Recreate a favorable, positive image of the YUDH through specialized dental care.
  • Implement global standards in dental care system for safety

Goal 3.2. Patient oriented dental care.

  • Establish a one-stop dental care system.
  • Adopt a specialized clinic-focused patient care system.
  • Improve efficiency in clinic management.

Goal 3.3. A research institution to explore and lead the next-generation dental medicine.

  • Establish a unified dental care center buttressed by forefront research and new technology.
  • Establish a clinical research center.

Goal 3.4. A dental school committed to developing the future leaders of dental profession in Korea.

  • Strengthen an educational program for clinical training for residents.
  • Expanded overseas field study program for residents.
  • Establish an interdisciplinary training program.

Goal 4.1. Reaffirm identity as an institution committed to dental missionary work.

  • Reaffirm identity as an institution committed to dental missionary work.

Goal 4.2. Establish a missionary program for providing dental care to underserved areas.

  • Provide dental care services to the underprivileged populations.

Goal 4.3. Short and long term overseas mission trips.

  • Short and long term overseas mission trips.

Goal 4.4. Train missionaries in Dentistry.

  • Train missionaries in dentistry to be sent to underserved populations.