Yonsei University College of Medicine

“Open education,” teaching the value
of life

Our university has been taking the lead in the development of modern medicine
since we introduced western medicine to Korea.

The power that drove the country’s medical history beyond the span of an era comes from Severance’s unique teaching.

With our autonomous and democratic interdisciplinary system, in which teachers and students are unified in a single community of learning, Severance teaches medicine without enforcing a boundary between Oriental and Western medicine, while embracing other diverse academic fields such as the humanities and sociology.

This innovative teaching method is the reason why we have been able to build a great reputation.

In addition to our teaching methodology, our humane ideals of education with open education and ethics as the key values have made Yonsei University College of Medicine a trusted educational institution.

Yonsei University College of Medicine has maintained its position as a leader in medicine with a creative spirit that allows us to read the times rather than resting on our strong tradition and reputation. Moving beyond our proud past, we will practice the word of God, “the truth will set you free” and serve as a cradle of true medical practitioners.

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