Severance Hospital
began in 1885 in Gwanghyewon,
Korea's first Western-style hospital founded
by American missionary Allen, and changed
its name to Jejungwon and grew into a practical
medical institution.

Severance Hospital is the birthplace of Western medicine in our country. the most brilliant modern
medical history of our country.

We took the page, not just from Severance Hospital, but from the path of the evolution of our
medical science, it's a combination of ethnic hardship and breathing.

It was the Severance Hospital." (Kim Doo-jong, "Korean Medicine," page 486).

sevrance history image
1885 sevrance history image

1885. 04

Founded the first modern hospital in Korea by Dr. H. N. Allen from the North Presbyterian Church in the United States (濟衆院, House of Universal Helpfulness)

1904 sevrance history image

1904. 09

Constructed a new hospital with a donation of Mr. Severance, renamed Severance Hospital

1957 sevrance history image

1957. 01

Yonhee University and Severance Medical School are fully integrated into Yonsei University

1983 sevrance history image

1983. 04

Gangnam Severance Hospital and Yongin Severance Hospital opened

2005 sevrance history image

2005. 05

Dedication of Severance New Hospital

2007 sevrance history image

2007. 05

Korea's first international medical institution evaluation committee (JCI) certification

2014 sevrance history image

2014. 04

Yonsei Cancer Hospital opened, the world's best cancer hospital

2018 sevrance history image

2018. 06

Achieved 20,000 robotic surgery for the first time in the world.

2020 sevrance history image

2020. 06

Selected as one of the world's top three scientific journals, “Nature,” and ranked first in Korea as a research-oriented hospital in the field of cancer