Office of Research

The Office of Research provides various research support to create an environment for creative and innovative research to produce excellent research results in the field of nursing and provide leadership for the advancement of nursing discipline internationally.

Details of Research Support

Establishing Convergence Research Initiative
  • Interdisciplinary Research Seminar
  • Convergence Research-SeedMoney Support
  • Internatioinal and national conferences
  • Support for small research group seminars
  • Collaboration with convergence project groups
  • Distinguished scholars' invitation seminar
Strengthening Commercialization Research
  • Medical device development Seminar
  • Institutional invitation Seminar
  • Patent/startup capacity building seminar
  • Y-UNICON seminar
  • Industry-Academia collaboration research
  • MOU signing with industries and institutions
Advancing Research Support System
  • Funding for grant development
  • Bridge funding program
  • Intramural research grants: faculty research, faculty-student research, small research group seminars, policy research
  • Funding for faculty research activity: publication fee, English editing, attending in international conferences as a presenter
  • Analysis of faculty research outputs and management
  • Research space assignment and management

Research Performance

No. 1 in research grants, with more than 3.5 billion won in 2022 and published an average of more than 100 international journal articles in 2022.

  • 100%

    Faculty Members awarded
    External Research Funds
  • 102

    Number of Journals by Faculty Members (per year)
  • USD 3.05 million

    External Research Funds

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