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Both internal and external scholarship funds are available to provide financial support for undergraduate and graduate nursing students. The selection criteria for each scholarship fund vary depending on their purpose, which may include academic standing, leadership, diversity, and/or financial need. Calls for scholarship applications will be announced twice a year, in December for the 1st term and in June-July for the 2nd term.

Student Activities

  • Undergraduate Nursing Student Council : Nursing Student Council is a student governance group resposible for representing undergraduate nursing students within the Yonsei University College of Nursing and community. Under the leadership of the president and vice-president, there are 4 subcommittes inluding operational support committee, policy planning committee, financial accounting committee, public relations committee. Memebers are active in providing student inputs concerning academic and non-academic issues.
  • Undergraduate Student Clubs : Student clubs are available for undergraduate students who are interested in participating in extracurricular activities on various topics.
  • A list of registered student clubs (as of 2023) : DeNu Choir (a Christian choir group with nursing and dental students), Ah-Woo-Rin DB (a community volunteer group), Evening Choir (a Christian choir group with nursing and dental students), Eui-Cheong (a community health volunteer group), Yeh-Geul (a nursing student magazing editorial group). Sunwoo Good-Pae (a Korean traditional percussion gand), CNS (a research and enterpreneurship group), FC-N (a soccer group), NCF (Nurse Christian Fellowship), NTG (a global health study group), AND (A dance group), Intervention (a music band)
  • Graduate Student Organizations : To facilitate communication and nurture scholarly growth among graduate students, two types of student councils are active: Yonsei University Graduate School Student Organization and Yonsei University Graduate School of Nursing Student Organization.

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